The Right Beer Can Have a Sterling Effect On Your Gal.

Sterling Canyon is a snob when it comes to fine jewelry and to a lesser extent, beer.  We love wine and like beer.  Can the two be compatible in this competitive world we live in.  Certainly it can if the quality and taste is there.   Beer falls into two types.  Not Ales and Lagers, but high beer and low beer.

High beer is the kind you drink with a tie and an education. Types of beer in the class are usually micro-brewed and don’t give you a headache after two drinks.

Low beer you drink with a hole in your shorts and a baseball cap mentality.  Types of beer in this class are brewed in St. Louis and cause you to burp after sniffing it.  This beer you’ll want to drink ice-cold out of a can.

Generally, beer has some rules that everyone should follow but won’t because they tend to be Republicans.

1. Do not drink beer too cold, if you really want to taste it. Let your brew warm up to 45-50º F.

2. Sometimes drinking out of the bottle is the only option – by all means. But in order to enjoy the full character of a beer – color, aroma, head formation and taste – pour it in a glass.

3. Foam mustaches are for the immature, but not necessarily fitting. So stick your fingers in it. Seriously. Fatty acids on your fingers will cut runaway foam. (Budweiser)

4. In order to protect freshness and taste, do not store beer above 80º for an extended period of time.

There you have it.  Beer rules for the wise. To add class, wear amethyst earrings and a silver necklace.




About Sterling Canyon

At Sterling Canyon, we believe luxury and affordability go hand in hand. Fine jewelry doesn't have to be expensive. At Sterling Canyon, quality will never be compromised for affordability. You will never be offered less.
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