Giant Emerald Becomes a Giant Lemon

Sterling Canyon reported on January 23rd on the large Emerald gemstone that was being touted by Regan Blair Reaney, a so called jeweler from Canada.  Reaney was preparing to auction off this green stone, weighing 57 thousand carats or 25 pounds, for a reported starting bid of $500,000.  According to a statement from the Kelowna, British Columbia RCMP, Regan Blair Reaney has outstanding warrants for his arrest for multiple fraud charges in the city of Hamilton, Ontario.

The stone is suspected of being a green dyed white Beryl stone.  Reaney, however, maintained that the stone was indeed a huge emerald and predicted it would create a “bidding war,” garnering its appraised value of $1.15 million or more at auction. He said three gemologists examined the stone and determined it was a treated emerald.  A spokesman from the Geological Institute of America stated that white Beryl that has been dyed green can no way be classified as an Emerald.  No more than a pink shiny cotton shirt be classified as silk. 

Also remember that the dinosaurs in movie Jurassic Park were not real.

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