Have a Heart for Valentine’s Day

Sterling Canyon has a theory of sorts on where the heart shape came from that is now so familiar to all human kind. 

Guys tend to associate the red heart with Valentine’s Day more than Gals.  After all, it is usually the man who gives his sweetheart a gift on that day rather than the other way around.  Although that is not a steadfast rule.  There are several theories on where the heart symbol came from.  It certainly doesn’t look like a human or animal heart.  Perhaps it comes from a plant. 

Popular theories include:

It has the shape of the human female.  With a little creative license, the vulva, breasts or pelvis.  Those areas give life and love. 

It came from a plant seed.  Thought I was kidding?  This is Sterling Canyon’s favorite theory and probably the most plausable.  Turns out that a seed used several millennia ago and is now extinct may hold the key.   This seed was used as a spice and also as a contraceptive in ancient Egypt.  It was so important to their economy that they formed a coin in the shape of the seed, a perfect heart shape.

The idea that Hallmark created the heart is simply bolderdash.  Seems that if we accept the Egyptian theory, it was the Egyptians who can take the claim as the creator of the Valentine’s heart.  Or perhaps we should give Mother Nature the credit.  It’s not nice to anger Mother Nature.


About Sterling Canyon

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