Fool Me Once, Shame On You

Sterling Canyon reports on the growing inaccuracies that are popping up on some jewelry retailer websites.  This information can be dry and boring but if you are shopping for gemstone jewelry, it pays to know the jungle. Jewelry is too expensive not to know. The Jewelers Vigilance Committee, a policing organization for jewelers, has found that some retailers are inflating and exaggerating descriptions on their websites to describe perhaps a Ruby necklace or Onyx earrings.  More common is the puffery used to describe diamonds.  According to rules set by the FTC, the term “diamond” may be used without qualification as long as it has a hardness of 10.  Diamonds are the only mineral with a 10 rating.

There are three types of advertised “diamonds”.  The first being the real ones.  A second type of “diamond” is the synthetic diamond.  These are pure carbon gemstones that are grown in the lab are are technically diamonds.  Simulated diamonds are the third kind.   These go by other names like Cubic Zirconia.

According to Susan Flamm, an attorney with the JVC,  some of the claims made in the questioned ads for diamond simulants, by various unrelated companies, were these:
– Our lab-grown diamonds are surfaced with real diamond.
– Our diamond hybrids are infused with diamond.
– Our diamond alternatives receive high grades from well-known labs.

Of course all of these descriptors are bogus. If you don’t understand what the advertisement is talking about or sounds silly, it probably is.

Next time we’ll let you know what to look for and what to expect when shopping for a diamond or other gemstones.


About Sterling Canyon

At Sterling Canyon, we believe luxury and affordability go hand in hand. Fine jewelry doesn't have to be expensive. At Sterling Canyon, quality will never be compromised for affordability. You will never be offered less.
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