Receive New or Heirloom Jewelry for Xmas?

Sterling Canyon understands that some people receive old or heirloom jewelry for Christmas.  What a great gift because the value of a family’s heritage is priceless.  However, heirloom jewelry is not the same as receiving a $300 bracelet from Zales.  Heirloom jewelry is in most cases irreplaceable.  A few things you may want to consider when receiving this kind of jewelry or any expensive jewelry.

Take the piece to a jeweler to make sure the piece still has integrety.  It would be embarrassing to have the necklace fall apart during a nice evening out.  And what ever you do, don’t let the jeweler stick the piece in a sonic bath.  The gemstones and metal may become damaged.

Don’t stick the piece in your jewelry box.  The first thing a thief will take is the jewelry box.  Chances are you won’t be able to retrieve the stolen objects unless you have one hell of a detective in your home town.   It is usually small and easy to carry.  Consider instead a safe deposit box or a wall safe.

Check your insurance company to see if you need to add a rider to your present homeowners policy.

Take care of your jewelry, old or new.  Drives me nuts when my wife lays her $1000 necklace on a table and it sits there all day. 

Remember that Valentines Day is coming quickly.  Christmas will pass in an instant.  Shop Sterling Canyon for the premier selection of the finest Valentine jewelry.



About Sterling Canyon

At Sterling Canyon, we believe luxury and affordability go hand in hand. Fine jewelry doesn't have to be expensive. At Sterling Canyon, quality will never be compromised for affordability. You will never be offered less.
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