Sterling Canyon and the Thistle and Bee Interview

Sterling Canyon wishes to share the results of a fascinating interview with Jodi McLoughlin, director of marketing and design at Thistle & Bee, as told to National Jeweler.  Learn what makes Sterling Silver jewelry so attractive.  Then shop Sterling Canyon’s large Thistle and Bee line for Christmas. 

New York–Sterling silver brand Thistle & Bee stays true to clean, sophisticated designs, adding pops of color to collections with bright gemstones and offering a range of pieces to meet the desires of consumers. This week, Jodi McLoughlin, director of marketing and design at Thistle & Bee, told National Jeweler how its designs made it to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, where the company is taking its design and how demand is increasing for sterling silver jewelry.

National Jeweler: Why does the company primarily work in silver?
Thistle & Bee: Thistle & Bee enjoys a longstanding reputation for excellence in the design and manufacture of sterling silver jewelry. While we constantly explore the use of other materials to enhance our designs–the incorporation of gemstones in new ways, for example–our focus is on expanding our core sterling silver franchise: fine design and elegance in each new Thistle & Bee collection.

NJ: What are the benefits to creating jewelry in silver?
TB: Sterling silver is infinitely “designable.” It allows us freedom of creativity in terms of texture, shape and dimension. There is an inherent beauty in sterling silver that is found in no other metal, and our designs give beauty a form that is eminently wearable and uniquely Thistle & Bee. Also, in these turbulent times for precious metals, we are able to offer our customers a luxury product at an affordable price point.

Thistle & Bee’s Honeycomb pendant necklace is made in sterling silver ($135).

NJ: Has Thistle & Bee noted a recent increase consumer interest in silver jewelry?
TB: We have seen an increase in demand for our Thistle & Bee collections for several years now. The level of interest at Thistle & Bee trade show booths across the country–New York, Las Vegas and Chicago to name a few–reflects an increased interest in sterling silver jewelry in general and in Thistle & Bee in particular.
As a signature luxury sterling silver line, we provide an attractive alternative to gold. Retailers across the country have added our sterling silver collections to their existing luxury offerings with very positive results. In addition, Thistle & Bee was recently seen on the runway at fashion week in New York, signaling an increasing awareness of sterling silver jewelry as a fashion accessory.

NJ: What is new at Thistle & Bee in terms of design?
TB: We have introduced many exciting collections in 2011. Consistent with our Thistle & Bee design paradigm, fall/winter 2011 collections have ranged from bold new classics to stackable sterling and gemstones, to textured and multi-dimensioned collections such as Ruffles, Quilted, Prism and Pleats.       

Thistle & Bee’s extra-large Curb link bracelet is made in sterling silver with a fold-over clasp ($1,200).

NJ: What is unique about Thistle & Bee’s design?
TB: Thistle & Bee’s designs are clean, carefully crafted and unique. As a luxury sterling silver designer brand, our textures and styles range from classic to contemporary to fashion-forward. We offer bold statement pieces as well as simple, elegant styles within each collection. Since we produce Thistle & Bee at our own manufacturing facilities, we are able to completely control the process to ensure that our quality standards are always maintained.

NJ: Has the company faced any challenges recently in terms of design or working with silver? If so, how were those challenges overcome?
TB: Working with sterling silver is our expertise, and has been for more than 20 years. Fluctuations in silver pricing over the past 12 months have presented obvious challenges and we have taken this into account in our designs. Many of our collections offer a range of price points, as well as fine gemstones and versatile day-to-evening signature styles.




About Sterling Canyon

At Sterling Canyon, we believe luxury and affordability go hand in hand. Fine jewelry doesn't have to be expensive. At Sterling Canyon, quality will never be compromised for affordability. You will never be offered less.
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