DeBeers into Synthetic Diamonds?

Sterling Canyon has learned that DeBeers‘ synthetic diamond arm, Element Six has opened an office in Silicon Valley.  So what you say?  DeBeers, the world famous diamond dealer, is increasing the reach of Element Six, into new applications using synthetic diamond or other supermaterials.  By the way, the sixth element on the periodic table is carbon.  Diamonds are pure carbon.

The report did not mention whether Element Six was planning in the future or delved into it in the past of developing synthetic diamonds.  DeBeers has staunchly denied such accusations.  However, some points need to be examined here.

Diamonds, synthetic and real laboratory diamonds have been manufactured for years.  There is nothing unusual about that.  Laboratory created diamonds are used in industrial applications like saw blades.  What if Element Six has developed a process to make large diamonds, large ones like that pictured.  And what if Element Six has developed a process to create a diamond in a short amount of time like hours. They would be made much cheaper than the cost of mining them in Africa.  Creating low cost synthetic diamonds made of pure carbon and selling them at a price equivalent to the naturally formed ones would be a profit coup for DeBeers.  The ignorant retail customer wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.  Whereas synthetic diamonds like Cubic Zirconium are easily detected.  This is pure speculation of course.  But the rumors have persisted and will continue as long as DeBeers has any relation with Element Six.


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