Ruby Necklace for Christmas? Be Informed.


Sterling Canyon wants to follow-up on our report from last year  regarding rogue Rubies being marketed by certain department stores like Macy’s.  The large Rubies found in necklaces and earrings are the ones in question. Selling gemstones without offering full disclosure can be tricky to say the least.  Now the FTC with a partnership with The American Gemological Laboratories (AGL) and GemResearch Swisslab (GRS) have come up with a standard for listing and reporting ‘composite Rubies’.  As reported by National Jeweler, composite rubies are those that besides having been heat treated, have been infused with lead or other metal to hide defects.  As the above photos show, the differences are obvious.

As of Oct. 3, AGL reports for lead-glass treated ruby/corundum will state:
“Identification: Composite ruby
Comments: This stone is a composite of natural ruby and a high lead content glass. Also known as Hybrid Ruby.*
* See Enhancements section of the AGL report for additional comments related to the durability and special care of this product.”

GRS reports will state:
“Identification: Synthetic Glass/Treated Ruby (GRS-type “Hybrid Ruby)*
*Comment: Heat-treated and filled with colored foreign solid substance (including lead). Special care required when handling. Also known as Composite Ruby.”

It’s ok to ask for a disclosure.  If the gemstone is large enough, it may be important.  A jeweler can also make the determination.


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