Lab Grown White Diamonds at a Store Near You.

Sterling Canyon reports that a new diamond collection is about to emerge onto the market.  These are not ordinary diamonds from ordinary sources.  They are in fact manufactured or synthetic diamonds.  Synthetic diamonds are usually associated with drill bits or perhaps Cubic Zirconia.  Perhaps synthetic is the wrong term here.  These diamonds are lab-grown, the latest being white diamonds are large, averaging close to one carat.  They are manufactured by a company in Florida called Gemesis.  The diamonds are grown under a high pressure and high temperature process.  They are made from carbon, just like the natural ones from Mother Earth.  The Gemesis stones are unique because of their size.  They have been making colored diamonds for years but the white  variety have been a long time to perfect.  The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has tested and graded these white diamonds.  “In the eBrief, GIA notes that all 16 diamonds submitted were round brilliants, save one rectangular-cut diamond. The largest diamond was 0.90 carats, while the smallest was 0.24 carats. None of the diamonds submitted were a carat or larger in size.

Additionally, three of the lab-grown stones submitted were colorless while the majority–11–were near-colorless, and two were lightly-colored. The diamonds were all type IIa diamonds and achieved high clarity grades, ranging mostly from IF to VVS. The report notes, however, that observations “strongly suggest” that the lab-grown stones were heat treated after growth to improve their color and transparency.  The report also states that a notable feature of the lab-grown diamonds was their weak to moderate green fluorescence in short-wave UV radiation and their characteristic growth striations.   “Although the quality of CVD synthetics continues to improve, these new products can be clearly separated from natural diamonds,” the brief concludes.

So there you have it folks.  According to the Federal Trade Commission, retailers will need to disclose whether the rock you are about to buy is lab-grown or natural.  It’s your money.


About Sterling Canyon

At Sterling Canyon, we believe luxury and affordability go hand in hand. Fine jewelry doesn't have to be expensive. At Sterling Canyon, quality will never be compromised for affordability. You will never be offered less.
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