River Runs Dry Through Sterling Canyon

Sterling Canyon, purveyor of fine Sterling, has always wondered what happens to the water when it rains.  Don’t know. We have had last week several good rain showers.  Thinking that this would be good for the grass, I got home after a long day and saw neither a hare or hide that it had rained a couple of hours before.  Ground was dry as usual, pavement had no puddles. Apparently the ground had absorbed the water so quickly and thoroughly that the dust on top remained.  In the Midwest, we are about six inches short of rainfall for the year. 

Here we are picking weeds from our front yard.  Got to keep the weeds under control.  Learning a new rain dance. Fred Astaire, where are you?

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Sterling Canyon Let’s the Rubies Out of the Bag

Sterling Canyon, the most trusted name in on-line fine jewelry has news for Ruby lovers.  The United States is partly lifting the embargo on trade with Burma (Myanmar).  Big deal you say?  Well, Burma is a large supplier of such goods as teak, Jade, oil, Pythons? and Rubies.  Yes folks, Rubies.  Burmese Rubies are touted as being the finest the planet has produced.  The only place where an American could buy one up to now is well, not in America.  Most places on earth you could buy a Burmese Ruby.  But don’t be looking for them at Walmart. They will no doubt be fetching pretty pennies.

Now if we can get Persian (Iran) Turquoise, we’ll be set.

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Sterling Canyon and Coral Jewelry

Sterling Canyon has an update on the Red Coral jewelry you have hanging around your neck.  Last week, scientists concluded that the coral beds in the world’s oceans come and go according to the panet’s climate fluctuations.  Still, the people who buy and sell coral jewelry need to take heed.  CITES, the world-wide watchdog group for the ocean’s plant life, will meet next March to decide whether to put coral on the endangered species list. 

You visit any coastal town anywhere in the world and you’ll see red coral in the jewelry shops.  Can’t tell if the stuff is plastic, glass or ceramic?  Don’t buy it.  If it is real, and you buy it, you’re contributing to the demise of the world’s coral.   Coral grows at the slow rate of 1/4 inch per year.  But what harm can one little necklace do?  Multiply your indifference by a million people and you have a problem.  Sterling Canyon won’t deal in most coral.  Neither should you.

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Ocean Levels Rising Faster than Expected

Sterling Canyon, a green on-line jeweler of fine Sterling, has been concerned about the state of the oceans for many years.  In a report out this month by the U.S. Department of the Interior, a section of the U.S. east coast is seeing more of a rise in ocean levels than other parts of the world.  The section of coast, from North Carolina to Boston, is seeing a rapid rise in ocean levels.  Levels could rise over three feet in the next 80 years.  We also received a news item from California from a man (my brother) who said he witnessed the ocean coming up over Hwy 1 a few weeks ago.  At the time, there were no storms in the area.   In all the years he has lived there, he has never witnessed such an event.

In the side note, the legislature of North Carolina, shown here at left, has made it unlawful to believe any such nonsense regarding rising ocean levels.  Arrest will follow those who make plans regarding the protection of there beach property from rising waters.

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Sterling Canyon’s TIp of the Day: Don’t Eat Wood.

Sterling Canyon has plenty of tips on how to buy Sterling and gemstone jewelry.  However, we also have tips that can mean life or extinction.  Our tip of the day has to do with eating.  When I was a kid, I used to eat small bits of notebook paper, mainly because I was bored in no particular class.  I survived, but apparently our ancestors did not.  Turns out that Australopithecus sediba, a possible ancestor of the genus Homo, had unusual dining habits for a hominid: The species consumed wood.  Well, that proves it.  Eat wood and die. Ouch!

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Sterling Canyon Visiting Gold Country?

Why would Sterling Canyon, a purveyor of fine Sterling and gemstone jewelry trek to California to pan for Gold?  No, Sterling Canyon is not planning to sell and buy Gold.  We’ll leave that to the “you get $700/ounce Gold and we”ll keep the rest” guys.  Gold is valued on the commodities markets at around $1650/ounce.  So why are thousands of people packing it up for the weekend and heading to the San Gabriel River, about one hour east of L.A.  Because theres gold in them waters, that’s why. According to Smithsonian, “Scores of hard-core prospectors work the San Gabriel, and perhaps 50,000 people throughout the state prowl a few weekends a year with pans and metal detectors and dowsing rods. If they’re lucky, they find yellow powder as fine as flour, “clinkers” (big nuggets named for the pleasing sound they make on the bottom of a pan) or sculptural crystalline specimens that, stared at long enough, resemble lace doilies and dragons.  This area of the river is called “Nugget Alley”.  If your lucky, you’ll catch a 5-ounce nugget.  These are the modern 49ers.  And there is still Gold to be had.

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Sterling Canyon Challenges You to Pass the Citizenship Test

Sterling Canyon, the red, white and blue of on-line fine jewelry, wants everyone to take a test.  Most of us are born and raised Americans, and should know the basics of our country.  How can you form a basic opinion of our government without this knowledge?  Here it is folks.  Sterling Canyon got 18/20 correct.  See how well you do.  Go to this link presented by msnbc.  Good luck!


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Ethical Gemstone Jewelry-Do You Care?

Sterling Canyon Jewelers has reported in the past on the horrors in human slavery and international child labor violations in the name of mining gemstones.  The violations mainly occur in countries in Africa and Asia.  Do you care about your jewelry, where it comes from and the horrible conditions that people who brought them to you had to endure?  Or do you block it out of your mind: out of sight, out of mind?

Now Gemfields in London has announced a world-wide marketing campaign supporting ethically mined gemstones like emeralds and rubies.  As reported in National Jeweler, Anna Haber, director of global marketing at Gemfields, said. “Although colored gems have been coveted for their rarity throughout the ages, fashion is now embracing them as the new diamond.”  “They allow consumers to express themselves through color in a more unique, individual way.”

Sterling Canyon has always had an ethical conscience, carrying about where and how the gemstones in our jewelry originate. We also care about the environment, with our 100% recyclable packaging.

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Staying Cool in Sterling Canyon

Every summer jeweler Sterling Canyon has to remind people that it’s hot.  Usually people know its hot but they don’t know how the heat affects the human body.  Here is a quick re-fresher.  Staying cool, even with a hot body is essential.

Humidity and tool are key factors in keeping the body temperature down.  The body begins to shut down when its temperature reaches 103.  Humidity compounds this problem when sweat accumulates on the skin.  High humidity prevents the sweat from evaporating, negating its cooling affect.   Then again,  dry heat like that in the desert southwest evaporates the sweat very quickly, providing a great cooling position.  However, dehydration becomes a problem.  Its a no win situation.  The only conclusive answer to this is to move to Alaska.


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Jewelry Shoppers Hall of Shame

Sterling Canyon cannot believe some jewelry shoppers today and this applies to shoppers of other products.  I was parusing an on-line jewelry catalog of a famous brand.  I won’t mention the brand but it’s name starts with an “A”.  Anyway, there was an Amethyst butterfly necklace that had sold hundreds.  I was reading the comments from customers and most of them (I read hundreds of them in just a couple of minutes) stated that the pendant was too small and more like a child’s necklace than an adult’s.  These poor saps were buying for their wives or girlfriends and they paid $18 on sale.   Well folks.  First of all you can’t buy a Sterling Silver Amethyst necklace for 18 bucks.   It was probably made of paste.  Read the measurements.  Figure out that 1/4 inch is not that large.  Get your ruler out and check it.  Second, you can’t impress your girl for $18 unless she’s equally a sap.  I like the line from Michael Keaton’s character in “Johnny Dangerously”.  He says that “it doesn’t make you look tough, it makes you look stupid.”  Buy from a reputable jeweler and don’t look stupid.

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